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The Penn’s Landing Playhouse is a wonderful facility located in the heart of the Independent Seaport Museum. The Playhouse was originally built as an orchestral hall so it has been beautifully crafted to deliver a marvelous sound. Our comfortable seating and warm open stage is sure to continuously leave your audience feeling whatever emotion you want them to feel.




*Theater is located on second floor of building


Our Theater Features:

46' Wide by 30' Deep Stage

500 seats plus 4 handicap seats

Handicap/Loading Elevator Available

Fully Stocked Concessions Stand

Patron Restrooms located on first floor


Proscenium: 46' l x 22.5' h


Electric Wenches: High Trim 21', Low Trim 4'

Our theater has 3 motorized electric wenches that raise and lower from an off stage right control panel. Panel only to be used by space TD.


Austrian: 50' w by 25' h

13 pick points across stage. Lavender color. Installed for Calamari run. Currently must be manually raised. Here for Calamari sisters. Owned by calamari sisters.


Traveler Curtain:

Stage currently equipped with lavender traveler curtain directly upstage of the first electric. Curtain is manually drawn from stage right.


Stage Depth: 30 ft.


Wing size: Stage Right-24' L X 10' wide, Stage Left 24' X 6' (space taken by patchbay)


Shell: 3 SL. 3 SL. 9ft 10in Hard swivel. One side is black opposite side is white. Allow for a 6ft clearance in between each.


Orchestra Pit: 9' by 22'

Pits is equipped with seat that can be removed. Pit is currently serving as theaters 1st and 2nd row (original 1st row removed). The orchestra pit can be raised and lowered at 5 different levels starting at flush to stage and ending at lowered completely to the 1st floors access room with the middle point being flush to the house. Seaport staff must control pit hydraulics.


Dressing rooms: Space for 5 actors in each. Both equipped with personal monitors playing the stage feed. Men's side features 2 urinals, 1 handicap stall and 1 shower (shower currently not usable). Slop sink located in men's side. Women's side features 1 standard stall 1 handicap stall and 1 shower. Two sinks in both. Each dressing room is equipped with 20 lockers.


Wardrobe Maintenance: The Theater currently has one washer and one dryer located on the first floor. Key fob is required to access. Key fob can be obtained at front desk.


Soft goods: 3 Black Velour Panels 24 ft x 21 ft (drop curtain). Theater is also equip with 4 x 8 pipe and drape if needed.


Projection: Theater is equipped with 18 x 13 projection screen located upstage against the back wall.


Sound reinforcement: Theater is equipped with 4 powered Loudspeakers and 2 powered subwoofers. The house is equipped with a 16 Channel Makie sound board (DL1608).


Lighting Control:

4 Genesis 12 x 2.4K Dimmer Racks


1 Hub Electric Company Patch Bay

     36 Dimmer Patches (6 circuits each)

     216 Patch Points

     6 Undimmed Patches


1 Hub Electric Company House Dimmer Rack

     21 7.2k Dimmer Power Packs


3 Cone Drive MVO 7400c-GUL Mechanical Wenches (Electrics)


1 ETC Express 250


2 Elation DMX-Branch X4


3 Wireless DMX Show Babies


6 Spectra/Chroma Q3 Scrollers


Light Fixtures:

ETC Source 4 Ellipsoidal Fixtures (Lights)
     4 19° Lens Barrel
     13 26° Lens Barrel
     22 36° Lens Barrel
     6 50° Lens Barrel
     9 10° Lens Barrel
     2 14° Lens Barrel


Lighting Accessories:

11 S4 Sandwich Pattern Holder B

9 S4 6.25" Donut

2 7.5" Donut

53 6.5" S4 Gel Frames

7 7.5" Gel Frames

8 10" Gel Frames



2 Oap 3-way Loudspeakers

2 QSC Powered Loudspeakers

2 QSC Powered Subwoofers

2 Galaxy Audio Powered Nano Spot (Dressing Rooms)

1 Mackie Sound Board DL1608

1 Crown DSI 1000 Power Amplifier

1 24 Channel Audio Snake

     20 Sends

     4 Returns

1 Digitool MX Programmable Audio Multi-Processor



Video equipment must be rented, as there is no functional projection equipment available.


Gel is purchased on a show-by-show basis. There is no in house gel stock.


Load-in Requirements: Load ins must be scheduled with Seaport in advance to avoid confusion day of. We are asked to constrain load-in times to an 8am-10am window. If extended time is needed it must be clears with seaport first. Freight elevator is available with loading doors opening directly to backstage of theater. Provided moving pads must be placed on walls prior loading.


Freight Elevator Dimensions:
Loading Door 8ft W x 10ft H
Elevator size – 8ft W x 10ft L x 10ft H


Wi-Fi: The Theater is equipped with internet from a wireless router.


Temperature: Our theater's temperature is controlled by The Seaport Museum Building Operations staff. A temperature must be specified prior to start of run so that there is time to adjust it for actors/patron comfortably.


Staff Parking: Our Parking lot is a 24 hour secured lot. Parking must be cleared through DRWC. Lot is a paid lot so staff can receive passes upon request.


Patron Parking: Patrons are offered a discounted parking rate of 10$ payable at time of entrance.







Penn's Landing Playhouse
(Theater INSIDE the Independence Seaport Museum)
211 South Columbus Blvd & Walnut St
Philadelphia, PA 19106
On the waterfront, next door to the Hilton Hotel


Box Office (855) 448-7469 / (855 HIT-SHOW)
Groups (12+) 888-264-1788




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