Dear Mom, A New Play

Based on actual letters written by real daughters to their mothers!


Every woman has stories to tell about her mother. A woman's relationship with her mother models the way she connects to the world and is a fundamental force in the way she is formed. Whether the relationship is filled with gratitude, guilt, anger, longing, blame, forgiveness - so much between daughter and mother is left unsaid.


What if you could write a letter to your mother and tell her what you really feel about her? The pride you felt when she went to bat for you against the school principal who wronged you, the questions you have for an unknown birth mother, the anger you felt when she left you unprotected against an alcoholic father during his violent episodes , the sadness you feel as she retreats from you, slipping into Alzheimers… Every mother/daughter relationship has its own intricacies, but the magnitude of the relationship in its complexities and the effect it has on all of our lives is universal. And in the expression of feelings in letters unsent comes a chance to gain perspective on this most elemental of relationships, and integrate the past into the present, empowering ourselves as grown women.


DEAR MOM is a play, written by longtime collaborators Jay Falzone and Nancy Holson. It is inspired by letters written by real daughters to their mothers.








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